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This is the personal website of Vic Rolfe.

The site-owner uses this website as a personal blogging platform and to promote his businesses, other websites and services.

Guest visitors are very welcome to post comments and/or questions on any of the articles or blog entries on this website. Guest comments will have to be approved by a moderator or the site Administrator before they will become publicly visible. All viewpoints are welcome, provided that they are expressed in a polite manner and that they do not contain any form of spam. (You can post a link to your own website or any interesting or relevant online articles that you think may add something to the conversation, article or blog posting - but not spam, thank you!)

Needless to say, any hateful, abusive, pro-war or other forms of violence, sexist, anti-racial or other objectionable comments - and spam in any shape or form - will not see the light of day on this website.

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