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  • Overview of projects undertaken by Vic Rolfe Marine Consultancy Services

    • OIM – Submarine Cable Installation
    • DOIM – Inter-array cable installation on offshore wind farm project
    • SDPO – ROV support vessels engaged in various inter-array cable burial projects
    • Client Representative – submarine telecom cable repair operations
    • Client Representative – submarine telecom cable installation projects
    • Client Representative – submarine HVDC power cable repair operation
    • Cable ship inspection for prospective purchasers
  • Recent submarine telecom cable projects

    • Client Rep - Ile de Molene - DW cable repairs in the North Atlantic - 2024
    • Marine Purchaser's Representative (MPR) - Rene Descartes - cable load in Japan - 2023
    • Marine Purchaser's Representative (MPR) - CS Segero - cable installation in 2022 and 2023
    • BT Rep. - CS Sovereign - BT R-100 PLGR, RC and PLIB works - May to July 2022
    • BT Rep. - Elektron - BT NS PLIB works - April 2022
    • ASN / APMA Rep. - Dunant - Shallow water cable repair onboard SubCom cable ship Responder - Feb. 2022
    • BT Rep. - CS Sovereign - SCOT-NI 3 & 4 PLIB works - December 2021 to January 2022
    • Purchaser's Rep. - CS Segero - Vessel 1 on ECHO Lays 1 and cable installation ops. - October 2021
    • Purchaser's Rep. - Grand Canyon III - PLIB works on NO-UK cable installation.
    • Client Rep. for SubCom - CS NIWA - DARE1 S4 and S6 cable installation
    • Client Rep. for SubCom - CS MARAM - MENA/GIBCS WMU/Repeater insertions
    • Client Rep. for SubCom - SIMA - PLGR for Havfrue cable installation
    • Client Rep. for BT - Pierre de Fermat - SMW III cable repair off Ille de Ouessant
    • OIM - Limin Venture - IKK Padang-Mentawe cable installation - Indonesia
  • Recent submarine power cable projects

    • Client Rep. for Western Link - Atlantis and Wave Walker 1 - HVDC repair
    • DPO - CS Sovereign - inter-array cable installations - Horns Rev. 2 and GT-3 wind farm projects
    • DOIM - Stemat 82 - inter-array cable installations - Horns Rev. 2 offshore wind farm, Denmark
    • SDPO - Cable Innovator - ROV support for inter-array cable burial on various North Sea offshore renewable energy projects
  • Cable ship inspection and other marine consultancy work

    KDDI Pacific Link - Vessel inspection in Japan for prospective purchasers - including marine consulting services, recommendations and preparation of report

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      As far as I am concerned, the pandemic is now over... It's now "an endemic". So let's get used to it and start cutting down on some of the crap?
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      Beer brewing has been going well. But some work would be better...
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      'Just as well I am not in Thailand right now - after four months on a dry ship... I see that they have now extended their alcohol ban - (or "booze ban" as the Bangkok Post calls it, in line with the government party line) - until the end of May... "Booze ban"? So, what...? One is allowed to have a glass off fine wine, is one? Or is alcohol in any shape or form hence forth to be known by the derogatory term for cheep beer?
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      Well... Four weeks into a two week quarantine in the UAE - and they still won't let us out of here. Well done, lads...
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      I'm really glad to see that Boris is on the mend - and I do hope that he doesn't over-do things until he is fully recovered... It must be hard, having the weight of the country on his shoulders - especially in a time of crisis - but he needs to look after "number one..." We need him!! ? 
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