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    Please click on the relevant links below, to see more detailed descriptions of the Marine consultancy and other services provided by Vic Rolfe
    Vic Rolfe
    Submarine telecom cables; submarine power cables; offshore renewable energy and other marine consultancy services provided by Vic Rolfe:
    Offshore Client Representative (Renewable Energy and Submarine Cables) Offshore Installation Manager / Assistant OIM SDPO / DPO  -  Fully qualified Chief Mate (unlimited) with NI unrestricted DP certificate Cable ship inspection for prospective charterers or purchases Marine consultancy including on site and remote consultation services via telephone, social media apps and video conferencing applications Review of project documentation - including feasibility study, plough burial assessments, marine cable route engineering, POW, MOP etc., etc. Assistance with project planning Assistance with submarine cable route engineering Compilation of project-related documentation Reporting and completion of draft reports  

    Setting-up for a shallow water Final Splice onboard Cable Retriever
    From: Dec Wallace, BT Onshore Repair Manager - after Release of Cable Ship Pierre de Fermat from SMW3 S10.1 Repair # 19 cable operations:
    Date: Wednesday, 3 July 2019, 11:41 CEST
    Winda ID: VR038637GB
    UK Discharge Book No: UK 021710
    STCW Qualifications incl. expiry date and Cert. No:
    CoC - UK - Chief Mate - 2021-10-20 - CoC 0019607
    GMDSS GOC - UK - 2021-10-20 - 10668
    ECDIS Simulator - Operational Level  - 2022-01-12 - 0001890/17 - ECDIS Ltd., Fareham, UK
    Firefighting, Advanced - 2023-11-22 - FAA/UAFF/180065 - Fire Aid, Southampton
    Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats - 2023-12-18 - FAA/UPSCRB/18-0010 - Fire Aid, Southampton
    Medical First Aid - 2023-06-20 - 0211032013 Haven Ambulance Service, Fareham, UK
    Medical Care - 2023-06-20 - MDCR-0001-18 - IDESS, Philippines
    PST - 2021-09-26 - IDESS, Philippines - PSTR-004-16
    Ship's Security Officer - EXACT Training Centre, Manila, Philippines - SSO-0622 dated 2006-11-29
    Offshore Qualifications incl. expiry date and Cert. No:
    DPO Certificate - Unlimited - 2023-09-13 - 3081 - Nautical Institute
    GWO WAH (Working at Heights)
    Petans, UK - 130408201163119
    GWO FA (First Aid)
    Petans, UK - 130608201163130
    GWO MH (Manual Handling)
    Petans, UK - 130708201163154
    GWO FAW (Fire Awareness)
    Petans, UK - 130708201163164
    GWO SS (Sea Survival)
    Petans, UK - 130808201163174
    OPITO – BOSIET 5700 with HUET & EBS
    Petans, UK - 1357001208201163261
    OPITO – BOSIET 5750 with CA EBS
    Petans, UK - 1357501208201163252
    Petans, UK - 1353011408201163419
    Norwegian O&GA – Escape Chute Training
    Petans, UK - 131208201163274
    Medical, Visas, ETC with expiry dates:
    ENG-1 - 2022-06-10 - Beard Medical Practice, Bristol - 189823
    OGUK Medical - 2023-06-10 - Beard Medical Practice, Bristol - OGUK/2018/2486
    PSTASS Cat. A EBS Fitness to Train - Issued: 2020-08-25 - Beard Medical Practice, Bristol
    Chester Step Test - Med. fitness for Offshore and Wind Farms - Issued: 2020-08-25 - Beard Medical Practice, Bristol
    US Visa C1/D - 2022-10-04 - 20122794790014 - Manila
    Professional Affiliations:
    Nautical Institute - MNI - 1319128


    Vic Rolfe
    Services offered:
    Translation services:
    Translation of Thai to English language documents - specializing in technical documents, Thai comics and novels.
    Translation of Japanese to English language documents - specializing in business and legal documents, comics and novels.
    English language proof-reading of technical documentation and industry publications - with particular expertise in the marine, offshore renewable energy and submarine telecom industries.
    Proof-reading of English language novels, short stories and e-books etc. - any any of your other English language and American English proof-reading requirements!
    Please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page to contact Vic Rolfe directly, if interested in any of these services
    For example:
    Spot the 'deliberate' mistakes in these:
    From a leading medical news journal:
    And from a leading telecom news journal:
    The use of the word "Facebook" twice in the same sentence was clearly not intended in the medical journal article. And in the telecom news article... Vendors "will be" or they "will remain"? Come on, now - one or the other!
    These are the kind of mistakes that your average spell-checker will not pick up but a human proof-reader can - and, in my case, usually will! Sometimes, to be fair, not in my own writing but that is why we often need a 'fresh pair of eyes' to look at what we have written.

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