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Current location and availability for work - (updated regularly)

Vic Rolfe

Vic Rolfe - Current location and availability for work

Last updated: 8th of March, 2021


Current location: Somerset, UK.


Current status:

Now fully qualified for North Sea work and available to travel world-wide at any time after the 3rd of June.

Full GWO BST courses, BOSIET, HUET, EBS, CA-EBS, ENG-1, OGUK, Fitness to Train and Chester Step Test - all in date.


Availability for work:

Client Rep. and/or Marine Consultancy, OIM, SDPO and DPO work in the the fields of offshore renewable energy, submarine power and telecommunications cables:

I will now wait for my 2nd dose, Covid-19 vaccination on the 3rd of June before going anywhere... Sorry, but you have missed your chance!

Working from home: I am currently available for working from home on marine projects, documentation, proof-reading and translation of Thai to English. (Preferably some interesting supernatural/suspense novels but, in the absence of that, anything that will help to pay the bills).


Please use the Contact form to get in touch - or you can email Vic Rolfe directly at:




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