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  1. until
    Engaged as a Purchases Representative onboard a cable ship on cable installation operations. Unavailable for any further projects before the end of December, 2021.
  2. Vic Rolfe

    Out on ops.

    Working as an onboard Purchaser's Representative and unavailable for any other new projects before the second half of August, 2021.
  3. Thank you so much, Firefox et al... You 'done a great job in blocking all of my advertising tracking codes. Thus making all of my websites virtually worthless... Well-done, that man! (...or woman, as the case may be...) Thank you so much!!! Great job!!! 😄
  4. Vic Rolfe

    Online shopping

    I'm working nights at the moment, by the way...
  5. Vic Rolfe

    Online shopping

    I love online shopping, Why? Because if I have to get out of my bed during the day, to go to a supermarket for my groceries - guarantied, I will have to carry whatever I have wasted my money on into the house by myself. But, if I order my stuff online, I can amost guarantee that someone else will do the job for me!! 😂 🙂
  6. Vic Rolfe

    A message to Meimei

    Just for the record, here is a copy of my youngest daughter's epitaph for Meimei: And here was my reply. It's basically a Message to Meimei, wherever she is now! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  7. Meimei was my dearly loved 14 year-old Siberian Husky in the Philippines. She passed-away peacefully the other day. I can't complain at that as she was well-loved and well looked after by my two youngest daughters. She enjoyed life. She was a real surviver and she lived to a ripe old age. My only regret is that due to these ridiculous and largely useless travel bans, I was not able to be with her even once during the last 15 months of her life. 'Just one more of the billions of Covid-19 fall-out stories from around the world... I rescued her from a pet shop when she was only 18
  8. Vic Rolfe

    Skin Gunk

    So I am (or was?) a highfalutin Marine Consultant. 700 quid a day. No problem and no questions asked. Until Covid struck... Grounded! At the best of times, an onboard Client Rep. is only as good as his or her last job. And most of us are self-employed. So we need the big bucks to carry us through the hard times. No company pensions or sick pay for the likes of us... And then here comes this cellulitis out of nowhere. A highly debilitating disease that can lead to amputation or even death if not treated correctly. I won't go into details here but, suffice it to say that I would, with
  9. Beer brewing has been going well. But some work would be better...

  10. Available to travel from Bristol, UK, late PM for any Cable or Offshore Wind Client Rep. work - OIM, DPO or similar - and/or general project assistance, if required.
  11. Undergoing ENG-1 and UK Offshore Medical examinations.
  12. until
    In Norwich, UK, throughout, for GWO-BST, BOSIET and MIST training courses.
  13. I have finally had enough of the Financial Times and have now cancelled my subscription. When asked for my feedback, this is what I gave them: I could have added that in the good old days, the ft was a highly respected "paper of record." Nowadays, I have better things to spend my money on.
  14. 'Finally Getting off CS NIWA and heading for the UK - hopefully!! (Five months into a six week project?!!)
  15. And more power to Lord Sumption !! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8281007/Former-Supreme-Court-judge-LORD-SUMPTION-gives-withering-critique-Governments-lockdown.html https://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/2020/03/lord-sumption-speaks-against-hysteria-driven-government-policy-.html
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