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  1. Submarine telecom cables; submarine power cables; offshore renewable energy and other marine consultancy services provided by Vic Rolfe: Client Rep., Marine Purchaser's Representative (working offshore on vessels engaged in submarine telecomms and power cable projects) Cable ship inspection for charterers or prospective purchasers Marine consultancy including operational and project monitoring, reporting and project consultancy services Assistance with project planning Compilation of project-related documentation Review of project documentation - including feasibility studies, plough burial assessments, marine cable route engineering, POW, MOP etc. Setting-up for a shallow water Final Splice onboard Cable Retriever Testimonials: From: Dec Wallace, BT Onshore Repair Manager - after Release of Cable Ship Pierre de Fermat from SMW3 S10.1 Repair # 19 cable operations: Date: Wednesday, 3 July 2019, 11:41 CEST Offshore Qualifications incl. expiry date and Cert. No: OPITO – BOSIET 5700 with HUET & EBS 2020-08-12 2024-08-11 Petans, UK - 1357001208201163261 OPITO – BOSIET 5750 with CA EBS 2020-08-12 2024-08-11 Petans, UK - 1357501208201163252 OPITO – MIST 2020-08-14 2024-08-13 Petans, UK - 1353011408201163419 Norwegian O&GA – Escape Chute Training 2020-08-12 2024-08-11 Petans, UK - 131208201163274 Medical: OGUK Unrestricted Offshore Work Certificate - valid until 13th March, 2026 Visas: US C1/D and B1/B2 visas - valid until 26th December, 2032
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