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Vic Rolfe



More power to Anders Tegnell !!
All makt åt Anders Tegnell !! !!
My letter to the ft. Needless to say, they didn't publish this. So, haha, I decided to publish it myself:


Vic Rolfe
Sat, 16 May at 03:49
Hi Roula,
With reference to the Editorial Board article: "'Sweden chooses a third way on coronavirus," which was published the 14th of May:
I feel compelled to raise a very strong objection to the following statement: (After having read that Sweden has kept large parts of its economy open): "It has conducted a vast experiment - some might say gamble - with it's population."
The fact that copycat lock-downs rapidly became the norm, as governments around the world went into full-on panic mode, doesn't make Sweden's more carefully considered and, as it happens, hitherto normal approach, a "vast experiment".
As far as I am aware, at no time in history prior to the coronavirus pandemic, has a democratic government ever tried anything like the unprecedented mass experiment of locking down their entire population and trying to slow their own economy to a virtual halt in an attempt to bring a viral outbreak under control?
Just in case you should decide to publish my letter, please do feel free to edit as necessary - as long as you maintain the essence of my point.
Thank you - and keep up the generally high quality reporting and opinion pieces that I have been accustomed to with the ft over the last 45 years!
Best regards,
Vic Rolfe
(Currently onboard a ship in the UAE after a full two months of quarantine - and I still can't get off!)




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I have finally had enough of the Financial Times and have now cancelled my subscription.

When asked for my feedback, this is what I gave them:


I was not happy with the ft's poor quality reporting of Sweden's handling of the corona virus pandemic. I wrote to the Editor pointing out that Sweden's approach can in no way be considered an "experiment."

A few days later, an article appeared in your paper referring to "Sweden's failed experiment..."

Leaving aside the discussion as to whether or not Sweden's handling of the crisis can be considered as an experiment, we are all aware that this crisis is far from over. So how can their so-called "experiment" possibly be considered to have failed?

I could have added that in the good old days, the ft was a highly respected "paper of record."

Nowadays, I have better things to spend my money on.

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