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  1. Meimei was my dearly loved 14 year-old Siberian Husky in the Philippines. She passed-away peacefully the other day. I can't complain at that as she was well-loved and well looked after by my two youngest daughters. She enjoyed life. She was a real surviver and she lived to a ripe old age. My only regret is that due to these ridiculous and largely useless travel bans, I was not able to be with her even once during the last 15 months of her life. 'Just one more of the billions of Covid-19 fall-out stories from around the world... I rescued her from a pet shop when she was only 18
  2. More power to Anders Tegnell !! All makt ├ąt Anders Tegnell !! !! My letter to the ft. Needless to say, they didn't publish this. So, haha, I decided to publish it myself: Just in case you should decide to publish my letter, please do feel free to edit as necessary - as long as you maintain the essence of my point. Thank you - and keep up the generally hi
  3. Well... It would have been nice if I could have started-off the first blog on my brand-spanking new personal website, with something a little more cheerful. But there's not much else to talk about, these days... Hopefully, I will be proven totally wrong and we can all get back to "normal" before too long?! In the meantime, I have enabled "Guest Posting," just in case anyone wants to make a comment. (Just check-out the "Guidelines" link in the main navigation bar, on a laptop - or that little "hamburger" thing on your cellphone, for more info. on posting as a Guest.) Here'
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